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Hamed (Ed) Aleali

Cinematographer & Filmmaker  
Hamed (Ed) Aleali is a cinematographer, film colorist, and emerging filmmaker, dedicated to bringing stories to life through the art of visual storytelling. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film production from Concordia University, Hamed possesses a deep understanding of both the technical and artistic aspects of filmmaking.

As a cinematographer, Hamed's expertise lies in capturing the essence of each narrative, utilizing his command over light, composition, and camera movement to create evocative and visually captivating images. His keen eye for detail and strong sense of aesthetics allow him to craft a unique visual language that enhances the storytelling experience.

In addition to his cinematography skills, Hamed is a proficient film colorist. With a meticulous approach to color grading, he understands how the manipulation of hues, saturation, and contrast can greatly impact the mood and tone of a film. By carefully adjusting these elements, Hamed breathes life into each frame, immersing viewers into the world of the story.

Throughout his career, Hamed has worked on a diverse range of projects, including short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. His portfolio showcases his versatility, technical prowess, and ability to create compelling visual narratives.


Susan Schouten Award






Susan Schouten Documentary Film Award 

For overall achievement in filmmaking, 2017 

CFF Best Documentary Film Award 

Concordia Film Festival, 2017.

Scholarship Award 

Concordia University Alumni Association Inc. Scholarship,2016.

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