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Hamed (Ed) Aleali

Cinematographer & Filmmaker  
I am Hamed (Ed) Aleali, cinematographer and filmmaker, based in Montreal. Graduated from Film Production program at Concordia University and driven by a passion for cinematography, I gain personal satisfaction in helping others capture their memories and tell their stories through a creative cinematographic eye. No matter which camera I am shooting on, I effectively use lighting and composition to tell stories visually.
During my studies, I had held numerous positions in production – from a grip and gaffer to editor, colorist, cinematographer and director.
Born in Iran in 1979, I was introduced to photography at the age of 12 when my father gave me a Lubitel TLR 120mm camera. Two years later, I set up a small darkroom in my house and since then I have not put down the camera. In 2006, I established my own studio in Iran and had more than 200 accomplished projects.
My first academic major, computer engineering, has equipped me with computer skills which assisted me in becoming a quick learner in the digital world.
Till now, I have written and directed five short films and I have shot many commercials, corporate documentaries and short fiction films including VR projects. This experience gives me a wide range of knowledge on different camera systems that allow me to make an informed camera format choice based on the needs of the production.
I am currently working as a post-production supervisor / colorist at EyeSteelFilm.


Susan Schouten Award






Susan Schouten Documentary Film Award 

For overall achievement in filmmaking, 2017 

CFF Best Documentary Film Award 

Concordia Film Festival, 2017.

Scholarship Award 

Concordia University Alumni Association Inc. Scholarship,2016.

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